Djinn/jinns are known creatures in history to be Satan and cause bad things, others relate to them as magical creatures that live in magical lamps, used by wizards to fulfill their wishes. Well part of that may be true but not entirely. Djinns/jinns are creatures unseen to humans that were created from smokeless fires but they see us. They live a life like man, GOD gave them free will. They will die like others creatures and be judged at the day of judgement those with good deeds will go to paradise and the bad to hell. They eat, sleep, produce, marry, become sick, have problems among other things that humans do.

History and incidences have depicted the presence of Djinns/jinns in the whelm of man, houses, public places and many other places though they are unseen to us but they are not angels. Their are many stories in holy books like the Quran and Bible of what good and bad djinns/jinns can do. Djinns/jinns have lived on earth for centuries with evidence from holy books like the quran/bible, were there before man was created, they were created from smokeless fire.

Whoever you believer who doesn't accept the presence of djinn/jinns, after being taught by ullamahs like  Dr honey love you become a non-believer{kafir}. For example  king Solomon {silliman} ruled jinns  performing different things for him and the disobedient ones he chained them. Djinns/jinns can be manipulated to do good or bad by people who come into possession or control of them.

Let me share some knowledge about what the bad Djinns/jinns may do to those that they come across.

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This is among the abilities of the Djinn/jinn but when one is possessed by a bad one he/she is put in a bad position. A life and death situation, they tend to take over persons will, mind and body controlling it to do what they want be good or bad.

An example.
A 25-year-old woman from Iraq with no previous psychiatric history gradually withdrew from other people, became uncommunicative and stopped eating and drinking. Investigations revealed no organic disease and severe depressive illness was diagnosed. She underwent electro-convulsive therapy without much improvement. Her family, believing her to be possessed by jinn but not wanting to say so to the doctors for fear of being labeled as superstitious, took her to a local faith healer, who offered to treat her in the traditional Islamic way. After a few sessions of combined dhikr and ruqyah her condition improved and she resumed eating and drinking. On recovery she had no explanation for what had happened, though she remembered the sequence of events. She stated that she had been aware of her surrounding, but had been unable to initiate anything. She denied feeling low in mood at the time. 5 years later she remains well and without medication.
Read more about incidences and Djinn/jinn possession

Mental illness

Don’t wonder one day someone surprisingly from a blue becomes the mad person in your community, is strapped to chains, taken to a mental illness hospital. Well all that may not happen but the person may lose the sense of maturity starts to act like a baby, displays an unacceptable level of stupidity. A child at school even failing to answer the simplest question there is in the paper e.g. (1+2).

Impotence in men and barrenness in women

As I noted earlier that Djinns/jinns fall in love and more. Well they can also fall in love with humans and torment them on earth causing impotence to men and making women barren in order to stop them from cheating on them.

Cause chronicle diseases

Many people suffer diseases for years and have moved from hospital to hospital, specialist to specialist. But never find what they are suffering from neither the cure, but the pain never stops or even going away. Djinns/jinns are known to cause joint pain, headache, rumbling stomach, dizziness, periodically becoming deaf, blind, and dumb among others.

“A woman of 35 experienced episodes of high fever and confusion during which her speech became incomprehensible. A local general practitioner diagnosed typhoid fever and prescribed antibiotics. The patient and her family, however, thought that she was possessed by jinn so she did not adhere to the treatment. She was taken to a local faith healer, who reinforced their views and treated her in the traditional Islamic way. However, her condition deteriorated over the next few weeks and she started to have generalized epileptic seizures. One of the authors (NK) was then asked to see her. On physical examination she was jaundiced with hepatomegaly and splenomegaly. On admission to hospital she was found to have cerebral malaria, for which she was treated successfully.
Bad luck

Some people take bad luck to be natural or may call it fate but don’t be fooled. Bad  Djinns/jinns may be manipulated to cause bad things on to people. You are the one who always get scalded by the boss at work, by your parents in big families where a husband has more than one wife. Teachers take you as the black sheep of the class, and many more.

Turn someone Evil

GOD/ALLAH created man in the best image on earth, gave him free will to choose right from wrong. But external forces as the stories tell, in the Garden of Eden Satan tempted eve and Adam into eating the forbidden fruit. That still applies on us whom dwell earth at the moment; bad Djinns/jinns influence our perspective of thinking and turn us into wrong doers.

Sex with bad Djinn/jinn

Some people that have wet dreams often waking up with fatigue, signs of intercourse and more yet leaving alone in the house. Such encounters often lead unknown pregnancy and also eventually leading to birth of monstrous creatures. And who ever a bad Djinn/jinn has sex with is bound to it until I feels like leaving them or it dies.

Cause poverty

Everyone on earth is bound to attain at least some level of wealth in his life time. Well this tends to become the opposite due to interference of bad Djinns/jinns in the fate of that person either when summoned by people with bad intentions to harm others. Djinns/jinns just like human can commit theft and other crimes on both themselves and humans without our knowledge.

Failure to get love or even get married

Once a bad djinn/jinn falls in love with a human, it inhibits them from attaining people who love them or even those they are attracted to. Bad djinns/jinns may cause bad smell, illusions, and take control of the person to take part in chasing away the people. This creates a bad impression on the person you get in contact with. This eliminates all the future prospects of you getting married.


Bad djinns/jinns are capable of killing people as they see fit or even those they have been summoned to kill, on other people’s behalf. This can happen when one has a grudge on you, envy and many more that they can no longer withstand your presence. As I mentioned in the earlier statements, they cause chronicle diseases that cannot be seen even with high technological machines in the hospitals, neither scientifically detecting their root causes.


Most people never talk about the good side of the djinn/jinn can do for people. Because they never get a chance to contact a real and working person in their life. Well don’t be blinded by the darkness that has been spread by religion and stories since way back. Most of us think the bad and never see the good and also due to the beliefs we have.
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Boost business

Good djinn/jinn when summoned by me”Dr Honey love” will boost, bringing more customers, out competing your competitors in the same industry. Make more profits with even small investments your business will prosper.


Get instant money when consult with me I summon a good djinn/jinn on your behalf. Have it deliver to you all that you have always desired. Get money through gambling, betting, even lotto’s. Have you ever wondered how those people win real money on televisions and other games?


Use a good djinn/jinn to protect you and your property. Good djinns/jinns are able to travel long distances and are very strong with limitless powers. Protect those that you love and yourself from harm, receive visions, dreams and more depicting the people to harm you so that you avoid them.

Love {bring back lost love, marriage, attraction, binding}

Bring back your lost love, giving them the memories of the good times you had together rebuilding your love. Attract new powerful partners in your life and drive the attraction to love and eventually marriage. Bind you with those you love


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Win elections by winning the favor of the people electoral commission and other main people during the campaigns. Attract developmental and life changing people in your life. Receive help from your friends without asking it and with no strings or conditions attached.

There are many things that we can think of and djinns/jinns can do for a person if they use the right channels or consult with the correct person.

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